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Product of the Week

Water Bath with Stirring Feature
from N-Biotek




The new water bath with stirring feature from N-Biotek offers the possibility to mix liquids such as cell media or buffer solutions at a constant temperature with a stirring speed of 60 to 1000 rpm.

Standard hotplates with magnetic stirrers heat liquids in vessels only from below. This can cause – despite stirring – temperature differences inside the liquid. The water bath with stirring feature provides an uniform and constant temperature (temperature range: ambient + 5 °C to 99 °C) and the stirring offers a mixing of the solutions, that cannot always be guaranteed by reciprocal or orbital shaking water baths.

The water bath has a capacity of up to 10 litres, a LED display for temperature, time, speed and power failure, and is supplied with a flat bath cover. The heater is located underneath the bath which allows any easy cleaning.

Please contact Dunn Labortechnik for detailed information on the water bath and on further products from N-Biotek, such as CO2 incubators with or without orbital shakers (also a small portable model available), incubators with or without shakers, orbital shakers (also available with remote controller), multi functional work stations for general cell culture / stem cell research, vacuum evaporators, and water baths with or without shaking feature.