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Large variety of products for the
HLA-laboratory at the DGTI-Meeting

From 24th to 27th October the DGTI (German society for transfusion medicine and immune haematology) will have its 50th Meeting in Cologne and Dunn Labortechnik will be part of it with a choice of products for the HLA-laboratory on our booth. From Art Robbins Instruments we will show a Serum Dispenser designed to automate your dispensing steps into 60-well or 72-well Terasaki plates. Also on show will be a wide range of other dispensing accessories such as tissue typing single microsyringes and repeating dispensers, cell microsyringes, stream splitters with 6, 8, 10 or 12 needles for different typing trays, a complement cooling system, coverslips for Terasaki plates, and a wide choice of serum tubes and racks. Also available from ARI is an Automated Typing Tray Oiler to fill Terasaki plates with oil.

We are looking forward to your visit on our booth no. 21.