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CrysCam UV™ visualizes protein crystals
in visible and UV-light


New in the product portfolio of Dunn Labortechnik is the CrysCam UV™ from
Art Robbins Instruments, which
scans 96-well plates automatically und captures a visual or a UV image (334 nm and 365 nm) of all wells and sub-wells. The visual and the UV picture can be shown at the same time and be compared parallel for every individual well. The CrysCam UV™ is ideal for protein crystallography, because even capturing an image of drops in nano size is possible.

Larger crystals can be imaged through the function “Deep field slicing”, which captures multiple images at different levels of the drop and merges them into a single sharp image of an entire drop.

The camera always stays focused, even when zooming, and can view individual wells with or without polarizer. The Artemis VS60 camera of the CrysCam UV™ has a resolution of 2750 x 2250 pixel and supplies with 2.37 microns/pixel excellent digital pictures. The device offers compatibility with all SBS-sized format and Linbro plates. The integrated cooling function, which can set temperatures down to -10 °C, and an enclosure which covers lens and plates to block stray light complete the new digital microscope from Art Robbins Instruments.

We exhibit the CrysCam UV™ on our booth (A59, Hall 20) from 16th to 18th May at BioTechnica 2017 in Hanover.
Come and visit us to have a closer look!